Hi there. I’m Brenna.

I am a content creator from South Bend, Indiana. I specialize in primarily lifestyle, product, food, + interiors; but also love to capture weddings + families.

Taking photos has always been a way for me to express myself. I have a passion for life, connecting with others + creating. 

I love being able to turn someone's idea to life visually, while capturing these moments honestly. 

I am...

  • a content creator + social media manager for Quick Fire Creative, a marketing agency in South Bend

  • a lover of plants (although, I'm not always the best at keeping them alive... oops)

  • a coffee enthusiast + barista at Zen Cafe

  • a traveler

  • a music fanatic + avid concert go-er

  • a cat lady (sorry not sorry) 

Thanks for tagging along on this journey called life, as messy + weird as it can be sometimes.                                                      

Want to collaborate + create your vision, or simply just grab coffee?